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Medical Students

Medical school is a financial journey with many stops along the way.

Being married to a physician himself, Mike knows your journey - it is his journey. He helped his family plan for all the stops along the way. He takes the time to understand your unique financial needs and provide relevant unbiased advice to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you are doing:

  • School

  • Rural visits

  • Carm interviews

  • Residence

  • Fellowship

  • Starting your practice

You deserve to work with a financial planner who understands your journey to becoming a physician.

We are not owned by a bank. You get unbiased debt management advice as we don’t provide debt products. You don’t pay for our services as we broker our services to more than 15 financial companies - they pay us for our services.

For more information on how we help medical students, click here.

Medical Student PDF
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